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Past Events

Unveiling the Anniversary Plaque

18th October, 2019

Background story:
Making of the Italian Job

There was not much happening down the fields in Stoke Aldermoor, during the filming of the Italian job, There was no publicity about the film crews or the minis being at the site. To the local public, it was a construction site. The Sowe valley sewer scheme was well in progress. It was to the general public a construction site they were well used to the coming and going of vehicles at the site.

Remember there was no Allard way in the days of 1968 it was an open field except for the Coventry and London railway line. The site was overlooked by the flats along the barley lea. the minis were kept under wraps hidden in the sewer pipes for four days of filming.

The Italian Job was just in its infancy.

Neville Goode of 30 + years and another was given the job “Take 2 crans to the Linfield to help to lower and retrieve”.  They were told. Who could imagine at the time the massive success and interest the film would create and the part Coventry would play in it?

When they arrived with their cranes the actors and stunt team were having their mid-morning breakfast on the top of a double-decker bus that had been converted into a canteen.

“Let's get to work “ was shouted,  as both crane operators were shown to the set-up positions. Nevill's crane was positioned above a hole approximately 14foot deep into a tunnel 10foot diameter After strapping a sling around the axils of a mini he was able to get the mini suspended and hovering over the tunnel opening.

Lowering of the Minis into the tunnel

Michael Deeley - Italian Job producer


Coventry Mini club spearheaded by Kevin Conway wanted to find the exact spot where the minis were lowered into the ground for the film The Italian Job. While on his quest he met the actual crane driver who lowered the Minis to the ground.

With photos and testimony, he found the spot and planned to mark it with a plaque on  18/10/2019.


Interviewing the Crane Driver Neville Goode he found out he had lent a pair of gloves to the stuntman Remy Julienne

to help with the vibrating car going through the tunnel.   

He thought to get Remy to sign a pair of gloves, post them, and we present the gloves at the unveiling of the plaque.

To a great surprise, Remy said no but I would like to do it in person. 

After 50 years he returned to the place where the only stunt in the UK was made, to a place where it can be said one of the greatest car chase scenes was made to thank a man that lent him a pair of gloves. Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry. 



Plaque Unveiling  18.10.2019

A fitting start to the ceremony JD, a renowned radio host who grew up in the area warmed the crowd with his own unique style and tells of the history of the area. Turning to a large screen Introduces the producer of the film Micheal Deeley.  

With prerecording, he gave an insight into why the area was selected for the film.  

A break in the weather only enhanced the atmosphere for the gathering with a mixture of locals, Mini enthusiasts, film crews, newspapers, and an appearance by the lord mayor and councillors.  

The host JD was in the full stream when his eye caught sight of a Bentley Creeping down the pedestrian footpath towards the stage.  

As it came to a halt the chauffeur opened the passenger's door and out stepped Remy Julienne.  

Remy's involvement in countless films including several bond movies has been well documented and he has been pursued by several large events organizers to participate in 50th-anniversary events of the film and refused.  The only event he wanted to do was a Plaque commemorating the location of one of his greatest stunts and to return a pair of gloves.

Remy was the lead stuntman driving the red mini also driving the red mini was Actor David Salamone AKA Dominic, who pulled up behind the Bentley with the passenger Matthew Fields the author of the award-winning book - Self Preservation society. 

They were driving the special edition 10 millionth mini that had just come off the BMW production line at Cowley. 

JD was announcing and greeting them as they exited the cars." Welcome " a rare opportunity to see David and Remy together " they saluted the gathering. 

Pulling up behind them were Gareth and David Davis and co in their 3 iconic original minis. 

Gareth removed his passenger seat from the car and allowed it to be bolted to the stage. 

Remy could sit in the exact spot where he once gunned his engine to do the famous "loop the loop".

The Plaque was made from an old piece of steel from the last remaining factory Humber in Stoke Aldermoor and donated by charity docks. The engraving was completed by the Premier group. Draped in the union flag it was unveiled by David Salamone.

After 50 years the location was lost now a plaque marks the spot of one of the greatest British films ever made and the location arguably of the greatest car chase.


Neville receives signed gloves from Remi Julienne

BBC reportage from the Plaque unveiling event

Event timeline



18th October, 2019

15 & 16th July, 2023

The Italian Job movie is released

The celebration idea is born

An event celebrating 50th Anniversary of the race takes place

Coventry Italian Job Mini Reenactment event

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